Bartholm 6.0
The Town of Bartholm & The Isle of Slart's Readme


The Town of Bartholm 6.0


Ruled by Count Serverus Victrix, Bartholm is a small town consisting of a Castle, Arena, Inn, General Store, Chapel, Stables, Mages' Guild & 8 houses.

Protected by the Bartholm Foreign Legion, the village of Slartholm is situated on the Isle of Slart. Slartholm consists of an Inn, General Store, Blacksmith, Barracks, Alchemist Tent & 3 houses.

The Narcissa's Captain Blackdog McGee offers passage from Bartholm to the Isle of Slart and back.

You can:
-Uncover a plot against the Count for Primo Victrix. (Bartholm)
-Igor offers Dark Brotherhood member's a contract. (Bartholm)
-Save the Town of Bartholm from an Oblivion Crisis for Grok gro-Hammer (Bartholm)
-Join the Bartholm Foreign Legion & defend the village of Slarthom from a Moarmer attack (Slartholm)
-Help the Bartholm Foreign Legion defend the shipping lanes against pirates. (Slartholm)
-Solve a mystery for Tyrantus Rex (Slartholm)
-Fight in the Arena and become Bartholm's Grand Champ (Bartholm)
-Fight in daily free for all matches and defend your title once a week as Bartholm's Grand Champ. (Bartholm)
-Take official paperwork to the Governor of Slartholm for Count Victrix (Bartholm)
-Take random Dark Brotherhood contracts on citizens all over Cyrodiil. (Bartholm)
-Collect books for Bartholm & Slartholm's literate citizens. (3 in Bartholm / 2 in Slartholm)
-Assist Eranyon with Bartholm's ghost citizenry. (Bartholm)
-Help Helene Jacinth find her lost dog. (Bartholm)
-Assist Jean Luc in guarding a sacred scroll. (Bartholm)
-Anton Chance offers Thieves Guild members pickpocket jobs. (Bartholm)
-Help Grok gro-Hammer solve Bartholm's skooma problem. (Bartholm)
-Hunt escaped prisoners for Grok gro-Hammer. (Bartholm)
-Go hunting with Filthy Fargus in Bartholm. (Bartholm)
-Go hunting with Filthy Fahad in Slartholm. (Slartholm)
-Deliver meat for Fargus & Fahad. (Bartholm / Slartholm)
-Find a bottle of Rockville Rum for Loranil. (Bartholm)
-Resolve Ayne Drehl's unwanted house guest issue. (Bartholm)
-Help Brutus Minimus find his lost sheep (Slartholm)
-Help Rita Romano find a minotaur horn (Slartholm)
-Rent a room at the Lodge or the Raw Bar. (Bartholm / Slartholm)
-Purchase a horse from Ra'jahd at Bartholm Stables (Bartholm / *Horse Armour not supported)
-Purchase a house in town from the Count and furnish it. (Bartholm / *Reset house cell in v4.0. Remove any items in a previously owned version's house before enabling the mod)
-Cause havok around town and get arrested or killed by the guards.
-Take "the Narcissa" from the Bartholm Docks to the Isle of Slart.

The town contains:
150+ NPC's
25+ Buildings
1400+ voice files
27 quests


To install the mod, simply extract the contents to your Oblivion\Data directory.

The next time you start Oblivion, select the "bartholm.esp". The town of Bartholm is located to the south east of Bravil across the river. (It is on the world map for fast travel)


To uninstall the mod,

-Start Oblivion and unselect the "bartholm.esp"
-Delete "bartholm.esp", "bartholm.bsa" & "bartholm_readme.txt" files from Oblivion\Data directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

I. My mod consists of:
If you don’t see those 3 files in: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data then you still need to extract them from the zip file.

II. To Extract an Oblivion mod:
-Download the mod
-Unzip it into your Oblivion/Data directory (default C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data)

III. Opening & Extracting Files
-If you are running WinXP, you can double click the file and it will open it in a separate window.
-On the left of the window, click “Extract all files” this will open a wizard
-Click next
-Click the “Browse” button and find or type in “C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data” (Assuming you installed Obliv in the default spot)
-Click next (it will humm along and extract the files to the specified location)
-That’s it

IV. To enable an Oblivion mod:
-Start Oblivion
-Select “Data Files”
-Place a check next to the mods you wish to enable (Oblivion esm must be checked)
-Run Oblivion

V. There is a potential conflict with other mods involving being unable to click dialogue options, click menu options, click inventory items, or even see the names of inventory items. Changing the load order should resolve the issue.


I would like to thank Bethsoft for such a wonderful world.

I would like to give props to everyone on the Elderscrolls Forums and everyone that contributed to the Wiki. Without your help, this mod would still be a long time coming.

I would also like to thank everyone that I forced to record conversations and all of the people who helped me playtest

Leah Sera, Mike Rielly, Luel, Paul Bono, Patrick Hunt, Daniel Hunt, Nikki Hunt, M. Sera, Brian Whitman, & Christopher Siess.

A special thanks to LaughingMan008 & The Last Ayleid for hard work playtesting and helping research.

A special thanks to The Oblivion Beta Testing Guild for beta testing and providing feedback.

Thank you, you are all great!


Version Changes
-Update esp file. Removing extra items causing conflicts with several mods.
-Removed horse purchase quest to prevent conflicts with Horse Armor mods.
-Modified several npc faces
-Resolved Cheydinhal House Purchase Quest issue. (It works again. I had inadvertantly removed the door.)
-Moved several bushes near the chapel. (They were cutting thru the walls)
-Filthy Fargus now sells Meat during the day
-Anton Chance is now the town fence and lives across from the Manor
-Updated Monkshood placement in town
-Updated Zorba's Goods, Bartholm Chapel, Mages Guild, Bartholm Great hall, Stables, Jones Lodge, Interior cells
-Added signs for Zorbas, Jones Lodge, & Bartholm Stables
-Added Shield and Cuiras texs and meshes with Bartholm colors and logo
-Added Banners & rugs with Bartholm colors and logo
-Loranil now gives the Rockville Rum quest
-Grok gro-Hammer now gives the Skooma Scheme quest
-Added bartholm icon to all bartholm quests
-Added flowers and barrels and various clutter to the town for a more lived in look.
-Igor now offers Dark Brotherhood members the Victrix Retirement Plan quest.
-Customized all Necromancer NPC's to make them all look different from one another.
-Edited all wavs to clean them and even the volume
-Primo's quest now offers a levelled enchanted shield as a reward.
-Added Eranyon (Weapon recharge) and Serena (Alchemy Vendor) to the Bartholm Mages'Guild and modified the ai in the guild to allow for Mages' guild members to feel at home.
-Fixed bug that had Narcissa attacking the player in the Victrix Retirement Plan quest.
-Added Bartholm Arena (fighting), Grand Champion (fighting) & Spectator (betting) questlines.
-Free for All, Spectator, & Grand Champion Challenge quests use levelled lists for a more random experience. (repeatable)
-Added Sewers and Filthy Fargus' hunting quest. (repeatable)
-Added Crypt and Eranyon's Bartholm Ghost story quest.
-Added Crime quest resolving potential conflicts with other mods.
-Edited Bed Rental quest (removed unclean dialogue)
3.1 & 3.2
-Removed LOD data from the bartholm.esp to prevent conflicts w other mods.
-Removed Chorral Arena, Cheydinhal World, & Cheydinahal House for Sale cells to prevent mod conflicts
-Moved Trapdoor in Slarti's Workshop from floor to ceiling for realism
-Removed ArenaSpectatorScript to prevent conflicts
-Removed Slarti's satchel (oops that 50k was just for testing)
-Added the Isle of Slart and ferry service from Bartholm
-Added the following quests
-Defend the Village of Slarthom from a Moarmer attack
-Take random Dark Brotherhood contracts on citizens all over Cyrodiil
-Collect books for Bartholm's literate citizens
-Go hunting with Filthy Fahad
-Deliver meat for Fargus & Fahad
-Take "the Narcissa" to the Isle of Slart
-Updated the House for Sale quest in Bartholm adding items and refurnishing the house. (I apologize, but this will reset items for those who owned previous versions of the house.Remove your items before enabling the mod and then replace them)
-Readded the purchase a horse quest from Ra'jahd at Bartholm Stables. (In an effort to avoid conflict with other horse mods, I have separated this quest from the default horse quest.)
-Updated the Victrix Retirement plan (Igor should no longer mention the Dark Brotherhood until members have completed the 2nd quest in the DB series)
-Updated the Bartholm Arena Grand Champion quest (Added custom Bartholm Arena champ gear -- Removed all references to the IC Arena voice. This should stop an error where the Grand Champ match wouldn't start)
-Added Isle of Slart world map
-Added 3 more books, people, and dialogues for the Bartholm Book Lovers quest
-Disabled Slartholm Siege level list references once siege completes
-Edited Isle of Slart terrain and static items
-Added Bartholm Bounty Hunter quest (Grok gro-Hammer offers this quest only after you have helped him complete the Skooma Scheme)
-Locked Bartholm Chapel Crypt (you get the key in the Bartholm Ghost story)
-Locked the Slartholm gates (Prevent the player from going to the Maormer battlefield too soon)
-Added code to prevent Bartholm Legionnaires from following the player off of the Isle of Slart
-Edited Bounty hunter quest. It now resets after 7 days (I had it set to 1 day for testing)
-Edited Isle of Slart terrain, textures, shading & static object placement to make it more realistic.
-Updated Maormer base
-Added LOD Houses to Bartholm Tamriel exterior
-Tweaked Maormer soldiers (made them slightly stronger in attempt to better balance the legionnaires v maormer)
-Added more ambient sounds (birds, crickets, ocean) to the Isle of Slart
-Locked Arena ticket master chest (It was too easy to pinch)
-Locked Bartholm Castle display cases (Too easy to sneak off with loot)
-Updated Bartholm Rent a Room quest. (Resolved script issues due to cell and npc name change)
-Removed Bartholm Legionnaires eat, sleep, practice package (first group only to test if packages are causing bare fist fighting)
-Fixed a tex issue in Bartholm (ground near Filthy Fargus' crib)
-Updated pathgrid on Isle of Slart
-Added levelled armor sets to Maormer soldiers (all soldiers wear similiar looking armor - (lvl 1-5 6-9 10-14 & 15+)
-Added signs to Slartholm (blacksmith, general store, pub)
-Added maormer wizards to maormer troops & levelled lists
-Added Maormer topic to Fahad, Major, Legionnaires, & Barkeep (To flush out the maormer storyline a bit more)
-Updated spell list for Orgnum Thras
-Added levelled Medallion of Honor as quest reward for completing the Siege of Slartholm
-Created Maormer shield texture (based on ebony shield)
-Added Rent a Room quest to the Raw Bar in Slartholm
-Fixed Eranyon's rumor (Wrong voice)
-Fixed "foreign" spelling error
-Updated boat quest (It should now take 30 secs of real time to arrive once you go below deck)
-Updated Isle of Slart terrain, tex, shading, & static objects
-Updated Ghost buddy faction (Set bartholm faction, so guards shouldn't attack him now.)
-Updated Ghost buddy script (He will now appear 2 hours daily when the ring is equipped. If the ring is already equipped he will appear anytime after midnight the next day. When waiting or sleeping with the ring equipped he will appear anytime after midnight as soon as the player finishes waiting/sleeping)
-Added Ghost buddy follow, stay, & instructions dialogues and packages
-Created generic combat, rumor, conversation dialogues (French, Spanish, Indian, Aarnold, Patrick, & Orc Matron)
-Added Breton & Imperial Legionnaires (generic arnold & spanish)
-Added/updated combat, conversation, rumor & crime dialogues for Fahad, Major, Legionnaires, & Ra'jhad
-Updated Orgnum Thras dialogues (combat & conversation)
-Added 2gp charge for boat trip to and from the Isle of Slart
-Update Boat trip quest scripts (can now sleep or wait 60 secs to arrive)
-Added SlartholmGuard combat style for the Legionnaires
-Tweaked Legionnaire levels to balance them vs the Maormer
-Updated Anton Chance in Bartholm (added generic french, Rockvill Rum, & Thieves Guild dialogues)
-Updated Monk in Bartholm (Changed name and added generic french dialogues)
-Fixed references to Friday & Saturday in Skooma Scheme & Rockville Rum quests
-Updated Bartholm Guards (updated/added conversation, crime, combat, rumors & directions dialogues)
-Removed Summoning spells from Maormer Wizards (too many ai)
-Added Slartholm Minutemen (2 pairs of archers guard slartholm's gate in 12 hour shifts)
-Added Bartholm Legionnaire levelled armor (Level 3, 6, 10, 15 to equalize vs the Maormer)
-Update Legionnaire packages (Re-Added blade training & sleep packages)
-Edited sound levels and noise for all dialogues (rerecorded when neccesary and possible)
-Added Potions Vendor & Recharge to Slartholm
-Updated Count Serverus Victrix (added generic arnold dialogues)
-Removed the Wardrobe World (It wasn't polished enough to leave in and its main purpose was quick teleports for testing)
-Edited Bartholm Arena faction (Changed name to "Bartholm Arena" to differentiate it from the vanilla Arena)
-Updated Dark Sister in the Victrix Family Troubles (To avoid guild trouble, she will now recognize fellow DBs and give them an item instead of attacking)
-Updated Arvas, Igor & Eranyon in Bartholm's mages' guild (They now recognize guildmates and have appropriate hellos)
-Tweaked Isle of Slart textures & objects
-Updated levelled Maormer (higher chance of fewer spawning to avoid too many ai)
-Added code to Maormer to attack player if detected, not in combat, and within 1000 units of the player
-Updated Loranil in Bartholm Manor (Removed no low level check. He should now show up in the Bartholm Arena as a spectator)
-Added Bartholm Foreign Legion & Minutemen signs to Slartholm
-Moved exit ladder in Bartholm Chapel Crypt (Bounding box issue resolved)
-Updated North markers for all interior cells. (They should now accurately reflect the compass direction.)
-Updated dialogue text for Legionaires Foreign Legion topic (Corrected text)
-Add random deer & bandit spawn on far side of Isle of Slart after siege
-Added "The Bartholm Courier" quest for Count Victrix in Bartholm
-Added legion is recruiting rumors for Frieda Jones, Count Victrix, & Filthy Fargus in Bartholm (To lead the player to the Isle of Slart)
-Updated Bartholm stables (added more black horses since they are bartholm style)
-Updated landscape, tex, lod & lod tex on the Isle of Slart
-Updated Meat Delivery quest (fixed compass marker targets so they will work when repeating quest)
-Updated Boat Quest (now charging 10gp per trip)
-Added daggers to Maormer wizards
-Resolved locked door issue in Slartholm Raw Bar bed rent quest (edited NPCs lock packages)
-Updated Siege of Slartholm reward amulet (adds levelled health buff)
-Updated Fargus' dialogue, lip files & text (A few were out of synch or not verbatim & 1 needed its conditions adjusted)
-Updated Captain' Ready to take the boat to Bartholm line (it still said 10gp)
-Updated Meat Delivery quest to fail questline if Fargus or Fahad die before recieving a package
-Updated Skooma Scheme (Changed quest text to make it more clear there are 2 potential endings) / Added 1 more skooma dialogue for Grok gro-Hammer (He now tells you have failed him if you chose the alternate ending) / Edited jail packages (inmates should no longer stand in the hallway)
-Updated Victrix Family Troubles quest (Added yes / no option for taking the quest. This should prevent DB members wanting to do the Retirement variant of the quest from automatically starting this questline)
-Updated tamriel pathgrid at Bartholm town gate (to prevent companions from getting caught inside)
-Updated Isle of Slart pathgrid (removed a few choke points to prevent npcs from getting stuck)
-Updated interior of Narcissa's Upper Deck (Added more light for the Captain)
-Updated Rat quest (Changed 1 last instance of Monday to Morndas)
-Updated Victrix Retirement plan (Narcissa's last dialogue will no longer repeat if you speak with her again. / The last note given to the player tells them to expect further contracts at the drop location / Final stage hints at further contracts from the drop rock)
-Removed loot bag (It was for testing purposes)
4.1 - 4.5
-Updated Siege of Slartholm text (Slartholm spelling fixed in Major's last dialogue)
-Update Rockville Rum quest (last stage completes quest)
-Updated Bartholm Courier (quest completes after the first time but remains repeatable)
-Updated Fresh Hot Dog (aka the Dog hunting quest) (quest completes after the first time but remains repeatable)
-Updated ROUS Round Up (aka the Rat hunting quest)(quest completes after the first time but remains repeatable)
-Updated Bartholm Sea Voyage (aka the Boat quest) (the quest completes after the first trip but remains repeatable)
-Updated Bartholm Dark Brotherhood Contracts (quest completes after the first time but remains repeatable / added 5 more random marks throughout the world (10 total))
-Updated Meat Delivery (quest completes after the first time but remains repeatable)
-Updated Bartholm Bounty Hunter (quest completes after the first time but remains repeatable)
-Updated Siege of Slartholm (removed follow from legionaires after siege completes / removed follow from legionaires after Siege completes)
-Updated Bartholm's Book Lovers (updated to count all books and give boost to bartolm rep and complete quest - tracks rajhads status and ends quest if his turn in is no longer an option)
-Tweaked Bartholm Castle Factions rep w Bartholm Guards
-updated bartholm monk's name and house name (jean luc)
-Updated anton chance (error in his quest stopping the stolen sister quest if he died)
-Added Arrow-proof monk quest given by Jean Luc (1 of 10 Contract Killers attack the player once per week or so / return scroll to quest giver to stop attacks / take it again to resume)
-Added Lost Dog quest given by Helene Jacinth (return lost dog to helene jacinth for a reward - repeatable)
-Added Bartholm Pickpocket quest for Thieves Guild given by Anton Chance (Pickpocket an item from 1 of 10 random npcs weekly)
-made unique weaps and clothes for all db marks from DB Contracts / edited factions
-updated Bounty Hunter quest (must be within 1500 units to get credit for the kill)
-updated Victrix Family Troubles & Victrix Retirement Plan (Changed awarded gold to a levelled amount)
-change timing on Lost dog quest (available weekly)
-change timing on Arrow proof monk quest (available weekly)
-change timing on Pickpocket quest (available weekly)
-added bartholm city, arena, & docks signs
-removed loot bag
-Changed Siege quest (introducing orgnum's mysterious arena - last battle in style - with 3 random npcs in addition to the potential 15 depending on how long the player waits)
-Updated Siege of Slartholm quest (3 more baddies at the end and they respawn after the siege is over for repeated skirmishes in the arena later - no orgnum doesnt come back)
-lod trees issue in slartholm (disabled lod trees)
-Added Pirate hunters quest (Use the Narcissa as bait to attract pirates harrassing local ships)
-Fixed bug in Bartholm boat dialogue that prevented the player from returning from Slartholm for a week after completing the pirate quest
-Fixed a bug in the Pirate quest that would prevent the player from completing the mission (incorrect tracking of the number of pirates to kill if fewer than the full amount spawned)
-Updated Lost Dog quest (You must first get the quest from Helene before you can the the dog to follow you. This is to prevent the dog from being annoying and following the player anytime they come near.)
-Added Splitting Hiers quest given by Governor Victrix in Slartholm or Tyrantus Rex in the Rex Estate.
-Added A Horn for Rita quest given by Rita Romano in Slartholm
-Added Scattered Sheep quest given by Brutus Minimus on the Isle of Slart at the sheep farm.
-Updated Orgnum Thras -Added Robe and Hood of Orgnum Thras replacing Arch-mage stuff / Added a levelled Fire Shield spell
-Updated Maormer Soldiers -Upped their levels a small amount to make it more challenging

-added oblivion quest from Grok gro-Hammer in Bartholm. Take a troop of Bartholm legionnaires into Oblivion. Gate appears in Main Quest - Completing and talking to Count Victrix will unlock troops for Defending Bruma - If Count Victrix is dead no troops - Repeatable after Main Quest ends
-removed quest toggle for items in splitting heirs quest so they can be deleted from inventory
-changed Arvas Telvanni's house key to Bartholm Mages' Guild Basement key
-added a larger gold reward for competing the Siege of Slartholm, Victrix Family Troubles, & Victrix Family Retirement Plan
-added Filthy Felix hotdog vendor to the front of the Imperial Arena
-added Filthy Phred hotdog vendor to the front of the Bartholm Arena
-added Filthy Faragi hotdog vendor to Bravil town
-changed statue outside of Bartholm castle (previous version had no bounding box)
-added KaJhad (RaJhad's nephew) to take over the stables and horse / book quest if something should happen to RaJhad.
-added Rockville Rum & Bartholm Vintage 399 to Frieda Jones at the Lodge once Rockville Rum quest is completed.
-made Minotaur for Rita's Horn quest more difficult
-made Maormer higher level to make the quest more difficult
-made Orgnum Thras harder so the last part of the quest is more of a climax
-modified Arvas Telvanni's face to look more Imperial Mix
-added Map markers to stables, gate, and castle
-removed the Altar of Enchantment from Bartholm Mages' Guild to be more lore friendly.
-modified Bartholm Ghost Story quest so that Eranyon travels to Arcane University to create his enchanted weaps
-changed the Ghost of Kubreek to use real time not game time. (ie he now appears for 120 secs not 2 game hours)