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Rockville Commons v3

South West of Germantown, Rockville Commons is a small town watched over by Stuart Jameson and the Cortez family. The town is besieged by Blackdog McGee and his Bandits

Hidden in the hills east of Paradise Falls, Vault 52 was created to research simulation entertainment. Dr Wolfgang Von Hammer works to take Tranquility lounger simulation to new heights.





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Rockville Commons Readme



Rockville Commons v3


South West of Germantown, Rockville Commons is a small town watched over by Stuart Jameson and guarded by the Cortez family. Includes Doctor, Supplies, Junk & Weapon vendors.

Hidden in the hills east of Paradise Falls, Vault 52 was created to research simulation entertainment. Dr Wolfgang VonHammer tries to take Tranquility lounger simulation to new heights. Includes Doctor, Supplies, Food, Drugs, Junk, & Weapon vendors.

You can:
-Help Luis return with Supplies to Rockville from Megaton. ("Caravan Crisis" - Megaton)
-Help Stuart Jameson deal with a local gang of bandits threatening the town. ("Besieged by Bandits" - Rockville)
-Help Stuart Jameson retrieve stolen good ("Stolen Property" - Rockville)
-Help Diego lead Luis into an Ambush on the way back to Rockville from Megaton ("Caravan Crisis" - Megaton)
-Help Blackdog McGee and his bandits lay siege to Rockville Commons ("Becoming a Bandit" - Blackdog Bandit camp)
-Help Blackdog McGee deal with deserters ("Bandit Retirement Plan" - Rockville)

-Complete the Stewart Jameson quests or the Blackdog McGee quests and get "My Rockville House" as a reward. Purchase house upgrades from Deb Reynolds at the Odds and Ends shop.
-Escort Luis to Megaton to buy supplies for the town ("Resupplying Rockville" - Rockville)
-Deliver a letter for Gunter Von-Hammer ("Separated Siblings" - Rockville)
-Help Wolfgang VonHammer research Tranquility Lounger simulations. ("Holo-cinations" - Vault 52)
-Recover Sim-Tape simulations and plug-ins for Wolfgang VonHammer ("Holo-cinations" - Vault 52)
-Find Wolfgang VonHammer's missing wife. ("Wolfgangs Wandering Wife" - Vault 52)
-Hunt down ingredients for Francios and Franny's restaurant. ("Wasteland Cookbook" - Vault 52)
-Help Overseer Stewart research wormholes ("Portable Teleporter" - Vault 52)
-Create custom Sim-battles in 7 different Tranquility Lounger simulations with up to 20 enemy NPCs. (Vault 52)

The town contains:
60+ Custom NPC's
400+ voiced dialogues
6 custom textures
12 quests


To install the mod, extract the contents of the zipfile to your Fallout 3\Data directory.

The next time you start Fallout 3, select the "rockville.esp". Rockville is located south east of Germantown. Vault 52 is located east of Paradise Falls and north of the Germantown Police HQ.


To uninstall the mod,

-Start Fallout 3 and unselect the "rockville.esp"
-Delete "rockville.esp", "rockville - textures.bsa", "rockville - voices.bsa", and "rockville_readme.txt" files from \Fallout 3\Data directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

I. My mod consists of:
-rockville - textures.bsa
-rockville - voices.bsa (optional)

If you don’t see those files in: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data then you still need to extract them from the zip file.

II. To Extract an Oblivion mod:
-Download the mod
-Unzip it into your Fallout 3/Data directory (default C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data)

III. Opening & Extracting Files
-If you are running WinXP, you can double click the file and it will open it in a separate window.
-On the left of the window, click “Extract all files” this will open a wizard
-Click next
-Click the “Browse” button and find or type in “C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data” (Assuming you installed Fallout 3in the default spot)
-Click next (it will humm along and extract the files to the specified location)
-That’s it

IV. To enable a Fallout 3 mod:
-Start Fallout 3
-Select “Data Files”
-Place a check next to the mods you wish to enable (Fallout3.esm must be checked)
-Run Fallout 3

V. There is a potential conflict with other mods involving being unable to click dialogue options, click menu options, click inventory items, or even see the names of inventory items. Changing the load order should resolve the issue.


I would like to thank my wife Leah. You are wonderful!

I would like to thank Bethsoft for such a wonderful world.

I would like to give props to everyone on the Bethsoft Forums and everyone that contributed to the Wiki. Without your help, this mod would still be a long time coming.

I would also like to thank everyone that helped me playtest

Thank you, you are all great!



Version Changes

--added "Stolen Property" Quest from Stuart Jameson
--added "Bandit Retirement Plan" Quest from Blackdog McGee
--updated "Caravan Crisis" Quest to support the "Power of the Atom": Megaton gets blown to bits scenario (After a nuke, Luis is moved outside Megaton's Gate and Diego is moved to Springvale)
--added quest markers to the town and bandit camp during the "Caravan Crisis" quest
--removed bobbleheads
--updated clinic vendor containers (should resolve crash issue)
--rvambush - readded follow me and lead running (good and bad guy)
--rvbandit - town guards now follow player to bandit camp (rather than running straight there)
--updated bandit templates (changed neutral bandits to evil - this should resolve any karma issues when killing them)
--moved bandit camp further from caravan routes (this should avoid bloodshed)
--made key bandit npcs enable at the end of the "caravan crisis" quest (this should avoid the possibility of killing them until its appropriate)
--added "Wasteland Cookbook" Quest from Francios
--updated living quarters
--updated / moved simulation lab
--updated atrium (added food, drug, & junk vendors)
--added sim tape locations to Sim Lab Terminals (once the first portion of the quest is complete)
--updated powerplant sim (set several doors inaccessible)

--updated "Wolfgang's Wandering Wife" Quest dialogues (made the topics more conversational)
--updated "Holo-cinations" Quest dialogues (made the topics more conversational)
--updated sim terminal (fixed issue preventing players from selecting sim-taps and live fire add-ons after completing the first part of the "Holocinations" Quest)

--updated powerplant (moved failsafe effects object to better cover the failsafe terminal)
--updated "Holo-cinations" quest script, sim terminal and failsafe terminal (resolved issue with sim baddies spawning dead)
--changed "Wasteland Cookbook" and "Wolfgang's Wandering Wife" quest rewards to levelled rewards
--updated guard house & gunshop (added beds / updated nav mesh)
--finalized all nav meshes (hopefully this will resolve issues with followers not entering some cells)
--changed "Caravan Crisis", "Besieged by Bandits", "Becoming a Bandit", "Stolen Property", and "Bandit Retirement Plan" quest rewards (increased the base rewards and changed them to levelled rewards)

v2.95 Beta
--added Player House with lab, nuka machine, workbench, infirmary, robot butler, & themes (vault, prewar, raider, lovemachine, science, explorer)
--added junk shop
--added vendor for junk shop
--updated guard house
--updated vonhammer house
--updated jameson house
--updated bar
--added Portable Teleporter Quest from Overseer Stewart
--rerecorded Wolfgang's Wandering Wife accept dialogue (west not east)
--added Welcome to the vault dialogue for Manny

--replaced bad packages reported by FO3Edit (RVGuardAttackCampRVBanditFollowEduardo, RVGuardAttackCampRVBanditFollowJavier, RVGuardAttackCampRVBanditFollowPlayer)
--updated Luis' weaponry and combat style (ranged combat vs default)
--updated several town guard's weapon load
--Updated "Caravan Crisis" (Luis escort is completed outside of town)
--updated player house (added toolcabinets to basement, added gunlocker, ammo box, footlocker to bedroom.)
--updated gunshop interior
--updated clinic interior
--updated "Besieged by Bandits" quest (resolved issue with townies not enabling if the bandit leader dies early)