The Arena of the Dead v4.0
Get to the Chopper or your team loses.

Escort your companions across town and over the roof tops to the Arena. Hold off the legions of zombies until the Rescue Chopper arrives.

4 Levels:
-The Alleys
-The Rooftops
-The Arena

Supports Coop, Versus, and Survivor Game modes





Download The Arena of the Dead (36 Mb)


The Arena of the Dead Readme


The Arena of the Dead v4


Fight your way through the zombie infested town to the Stadium and wait for extraction by Helicopter.

4 Maps:
-The Alleys
-The Rooftops
-The Arena

Supports Coop, Versus, & Survivor Modes


To install the mod, simply extract jsarena.vpk and double click it.

The next time you start Left 4 Dead, The Arena of the Dead will show up in your Addons Directory.


To uninstall the mod,

-Delete "jsarena.vpk from the "\Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\addons" directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

I. My mod consists of:


I would like to thank Valve for a terrific game.

I would like to give props to everyone on the Steam Forums and everyone that posted a tutorial. Without your help, this mod would still be a long time coming.

I would also like to thank the people who helped me playtest
Mike Rielly, Paul Bono, Patrick Hunt, Richard Patchak.

To my Lovely Wife, Leah, for being so supportive of all my creative efforts.

Thank you, you are all great!



Version Notes
-Added Alleys and Rooftops Maps

-Updated Survivor Mode to Include all of the Big Weaps.
-Lengthened the Downtown map
-Rebalanced Weapon Placements in all Maps
-Fixed VS and Zombie Ladders
-Modified the Arena map (Updated the checkpoint building to promote better flow)

-Lengthened the Alleys map
-Removed the 2nd Pistol from All Checkpoint Rooms but the Arena
-Modified the Arena
--Removed extra Vending Areas to avoid confusion and promote better Flow
--Updated Vents for Zombie Spawns
-Modified the Lift in the Rooftops map to prevent Smokers from dragging survivors to their deaths
-Updated all Fans in all Maps to resolve a CTD issue with Meleeing them
-Modified Nav Mesh on all Maps to promote better zombie spawns

-removed static door models from all levels and replaced them with decal doors (this should make the path clearer to players and hopefully avoid confusion.
-changed wire spool models from physics to static models in the arena and alleys maps and updated the nav meshes (they lacked physics support and were being deleted by the engine)
-added several invisible brushes to the van in the alley map (to prevent players from starting the van on the roof)

-Updated the version number to 2.0 (this should resolve stringtable errors with previous versions)
-Resolved several floating objects in the Downtown map
-Repositioned Decal Doors in all levels (many decal doors were misaligned)
-Updated Alleys Map
--Added several trigger_pushes to prevent players from getting killed by the van
--Added Player Clips to the Alley map to prevent players from jumping to other rooftops (and getting stuck)
--Removed the rooftop room in the building opposite the Van Garage Door (it was too closet exploitable)
--Added a new room and updated the Alley outside the spawn building (should be more versus friendly)
--Added Trigger Hurts to kill players that jump/fall off the roof (prevents players from falling to the ground and getting stuck in inaccessible areas)
-Updated Rooftops map
--Fixed visibility issue in a hallway in the Lift Building
--Updated the Assault Rifle and Auto Shotgun spawns (Only 1 per Spawn)
--Added Trigger Hurts to kill players that jump/fall off the roof (prevents players from getting stuck in inaccessible areas)
-Updated Arena map
--Fixed decal door in the spawn building of the Arena map.
--Removed several stairwells in the Arena (fewer closet camping spots)
--Removed both locker rooms (fewer closets)
--Updated public bathrooms for better zombie pathing
--Replaced breakable wall near emplacement gun with a vent (fewer closets)
--Updated the Radio entity outputs (Remove several vents when the Finale is triggered to promote better zombie spawns)
--Repositioned several floating entities
--Increased the time it takes for the chopper to arrive (this should make it harder)
--Updated breakable walls (breakable by any infected)
--Updated the escape chopper route (now a combination of func_tracktrain movements and prop_dynamic animations)
--added a few more prop_physics for tanks to bat around inside the arena

-Updated Loading Screen Poster
-Updated Downtown Map
--Added an Intro
--Added detail AC's to the Convenience store building
--Removed several extra rooms (useful in previous versions only. the map should slightly run smoother)
--Added player clips to the wooden barricades (too prevent the players from climbing over and getting stuck)
--Updated the breakable wall near the emergency door (fixed lighting issue)
--Updated the burning building
-Updated Alleys map
--Updated broken wall in Spawn building
--Updated 2 windows and broken hole in the wall in a building across the alley from the exit checkpoint (replaced black texture with small inaccessible rooms)
-Updated the Arena map
--Change the timing on the chopper ramp allowing access to the chopper without jumping (this should prevent players from falling through the chopper as it lands)

-Added level_sounds.txt (Music) for all levels
-Added spawnbossthreats & versus_boss_spawning to the coop & versus campaigns of the Missions file (Should be a bit harder now)
-Updated Downtown Map
--Re-aligned road corner texture
--Updated emergency door panic event (Should resolve the unbreakable issue with the door)
-Updated Alleys Map
--Re-aligned road corner texture
--Added several rooftop player clips (Should prevent the player from getting stuck on rooftops when smacked off of the roof by a tank)
-Updated Rooftops Map
--Re-aligned road corner texture
--Added several rooftop player clips (Should prevent the player from getting stuck on rooftops when smacked off of the roof by a tank)
-Updated Arena Map
--Added player clips to the arena (to prevent players from entering the bathrooms on the sides of the arena)
--Added several cube maps to resolve a few lighting issues.