Fallout 3

Rockville Commons v3

South West of Germantown, Rockville Commons is a small town watched over by Stuart Jameson and the Cortez family. The town is besieged by Blackdog McGee and his Bandits

Hidden in the hills east of Paradise Falls, Vault 52 was created to research simulation entertainment. Dr Wolfgang Von Hammer works to take Tranquility lounger simulation to new heights.





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You can:
-Help Luis return with Supplies to Rockville from Megaton. ("Caravan Crisis" - Megaton)
-Help Stuart Jameson deal with a local gang of bandits threatening the town. ("Besieged by Bandits" - Rockville)
-Help Stuart Jameson retrieve stolen good ("Stolen Property" - Rockville)
-Help Diego lead Luis into an Ambush on the way back to Rockville from Megaton ("Caravan Crisis" - Megaton)
-Help Blackdog McGee and his bandits lay siege to Rockville Commons ("Becoming a Bandit" - Blackdog Bandit camp)
-Help Blackdog McGee deal with deserters ("Bandit Retirement Plan" - Rockville)

-Complete all of the Stewart Jameson quests or the Blackdog McGee quests and get "My Rockville House" as a reward.
-Escort Luis to Megaton to buy supplies for the town ("Resupplying Rockville" - Rockville)
-Deliver a letter for Gunter Von-Hammer ("Separated Siblings" - Rockville)
-Help Wolfgang VonHammer research Tranquility Lounger simulations. ("Holo-cinations" - Vault 52)
-Recover Sim-Tape simulations and plug-ins for Wolfgang VonHammer ("Holo-cinations" - Vault 52)
-Find Wolfgang VonHammer's missing wife. ("Wolfgangs Wandering Wife" - Vault 52)
-Hunt down ingredients for Francios and Franny's restaurant. ("Wasteland Cookbook" - Vault 52)
-Help Overseer Stewart research wormholes ("Portable Teleporter" - Vault 52)
-Create custom Sim-battles in 7 different Tranquility Lounger simulations with up to 20 enemy NPCs. (Vault 52)

The town contains:
60+ Custom NPC's
13 Cells
400+ voiced dialogues
6 custom textures
12 quests


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Rockville Commons Trailer  (35 seconds - YouTube)


Walkthru Videos



Becoming a Bandit  
(8:40 mins - YouTube)

Besieged by Bandits
(9:28 mins - YouTube)




(7:37 mins - YouTube)