Bartholm 7.0
The Town of Bartholm & The Isle of Slart


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Ruled by Count Serverus Victrix, Bartholm is a small town consisting of a Castle, Arena, Inn, General Store, Chapel, Stables, Mages' Guild & 8 houses.

Protected by the Bartholm Foreign Legion, the village of Slartholm is situated on the Isle of Slart. Slartholm consists of an Inn, General Store, Blacksmith, Barracks, Alchemist Tent & 3 houses.

The Narcissa's Captain Blackdog McGee offers passage from Bartholm to the Isle of Slart and back.


You can:

-Uncover a plot against the Count for Primo Victrix.
-Igor offers Dark Brotherhood member's a contract.
-Save the Town of Bartholm from an Oblivion Crisis for Grok gro-Hammer.
-Join the Bartholm Foreign Legion & defend the village of Slarthom from a Moarmer attack.
-Help the Bartholm Foreign Legion defend the shipping lanes against pirates.
-Help the Bartholm Foreign Legion defend the Isle of Slart against additional waves of Maormer troops.
-Solve a mystery for Tyrantus at the Rex estate on the Isle of Slart.
-Fight in the Arena and become Bartholm's Grand Champ.
-Fight in daily free for all matches and defend your title once a week as Bartholm's Grand Champ.
-Take official paperwork to the Governor of Slartholm for Count Victrix.
-Take random Dark Brotherhood contracts on citizens all over Cyrodiil.
-Collect books for Bartholm & Slartholm's literate citizens.
-Assist Eranyon with Bartholm's ghost citizenry.
-Help Helene Jacinth find her lost dog.
-Help Helene Jacinth find her lost knitting supplies.
-Assist Jean Luc in guarding a sacred scroll.
-Anton Chance offers Thieves Guild members pickpocket jobs.
-Help Grok gro-Hammer solve Bartholm's skooma problem.
-Hunt escaped prisoners for Grok gro-Hammer.
-Go hunting with Filthy Fargus in Bartholm.
-Go hunting with Filthy Fahad in Slartholm.
-Deliver meat for Fargus & Fahad.
-Find a bottle of Rockville Rum for Loranil at Bartholm Manor.
-Help Brutus Minimus find his lost sheep.
-Help Rita Romano find a minotaur horn.
-Help Rita Romano find ogres' teeth.
-Find a torn map and begin the search for the "Lost Treasure of the Isle of Slart"
-Help Captain Blackdog McGee collect the ingredients to make grog.
-Resolve Ayne Drehl's unwanted house guest issue.
-Rent a room at the Lodge or the Raw Bar.
-Purchase a horse from Ra'jahd at Bartholm Stables
-Purchase a house in town from the Count and furnish it.
-Cause havok around town and get arrested or killed by the guards.
-Take "the Narcissa" from the Bartholm Docks to the Isle of Slart



The town contains:

  • 150+ NPC's

  • 25+ Buildings

  • 1700+ voice files

  • 31 quests



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